Evans Ouma photography
Evans Ouma

Evans Ouma: One-on-one interview with Raila Odinga’s photographer, speaking of his illustrious career

Interview with Evans Ouma: Photography is often used to tell a story, capture precious moments in time and document them. In current times, almost everyone has a camera on their cell phone, and photos are taken all day, every day. …



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List of 20 most followed Kenyans on Twitter in 2022

List of 20 influential & most followed Kenyans on Twitter in 2022

Most followed Kenyans on Twitter (KoT): Twitter is no stranger when it comes to discussing matters publicly and expressing media freedom. Celebrities, media outlets, and public figures use this platform to interact with their followers and disseminate information. A lot of Gen-Z youth are morphing well into the digital age,


Kenyan, Eric Kiptanui competes in a marathon race in Dubai

Marathon fiasco rocks Team Kenya in Birmingham commonwealth games

Eric Kiptanui fails to start the Commonwealth Games marathon as Kenyan officials enter the wrong Eric. From Rio to Oregon to Birmingham, major scandals seem to accompany Team Kenya whenever they go to major championships. From stolen kits, and visa issues to premeditated mistakes, athletes have witnessed glaring incompetency and