Avoid these 5 career mistakes on your way to the top

Career mistakes

Like most people, you have planned most of your career goals well ahead of time.

But with time, it is most likely going to happen that you will lose sight of your vision, career aspirations and strategy.

Here are some of the career blunders that derail you from your vision:

1. Expecting to progress to the top smoothly

Yes, you have worked in that career and you believe moving through the rungs to the top will be as smooth as riding an escalator. This is far from reality

There is never an easy journey whatsoever; struggles are the order of the day and are diverse so there’s no way you’re escaping the norm easily.

In most instances, you’ll find yourself in a snake and ladder situation where you seem to move up in one aspect and come down to where you were in a different aspect.

Given, there are some golden instances (rare) where you can shoot to the top suddenly.

If this happens, chances are that there are no defined roles in your career, meaning that you can move sideways or even backward in your career journey.

2. Sticking to one career choice

This is a common mistake. Many employees narrow their scope and are reluctant to explore other interests.

What happens when you abruptly lose your job or need to change it?

You should always aim at growing in your job and if there are other opportunities for this growth outside your industry, don’t be shy to try.

3. Losing sight of your career goals

When you are uncertain about your work-life strategy, you can be tempted to take any opportunity that comes your way. You may focus only on the ideal salary or the ideal work location.

When you do this you may lose sight of the opportunity for future growth since your only focus will be on getting a job. It pays to evaluate that opportunity before you take it.

Ask yourself hard questions like, what new skills do I stand to learn? will the new skills be beneficial in my long-term career?

Evaluate the positives and negatives of that job opportunity before deciding if it’s worth it.

What is the difference between a job and a career? Learn here

4. You are unhappy at your workplace

You may have remained stuck in one position for a long at your current workplace, and this gives you stress and anxiety. You don’t feel fulfilled.

But it is a well-paying job so you don’t let go of it. This is wrong. We all need to find fulfillment and satisfaction in our jobs. This will keep you motivated

5. Making it look like it is all about you

It is alright to take credit for some achievements in an organization, but what if it was the effort of an entire team?

For example, just because you are the supervisor doesn’t mean that those below you haven’t contributed to the success. Don’t make it look like it is all about you.

Build relationships with your colleagues as this will improve your interpersonal and communication skills. You can ask them for a review of the work that you have completed and appreciate the help that they have provided.

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