Bena Wa Malines: From Matatu tout to Tiktok Star, commanding 2 million followers

Bena wa malines biography
Upcoming Tiktok sensation, Comedian, MC and actor Bena Wa Malines rose to fame in 2022 when his Tiktok videos went viral.

Known for his mimicry of a Kamba accent and mix of Swahili words such as ‘Pulaia Maisa’ and ‘Usikanisike Mapanja’, the final-year journalism student at Mount Kenya University is now acknowledged as one of Kenya’s top content creators.

His signature skinny look, a red bandana-like attire on his head and a vest makes him get recognition. Also, his unique voice makes him different from other Tiktok content creators. So far he has over 450,000 followers on TikTok and over 5 million likes. On Instagram, he has over 150,ooo followers.

Bena’s famous quote is ‘Ukipata chance ya Kutesa, tesa. Life is short. Pulaia maisa mehn’


Bena wa Malines was born in the year 2000. As of 2022, he is 22 years old. He comes from a family of 7 children, 4 boys and 3 girls. He attended Muhoho High School in Gatundu.

Currently, Bernard is in his final year at MKU pursuing journalism. He lives in Juja farm, Kiambu county. He sourced his inspiration for creating short narratives in Tiktok through his inborn acting talent.

In 2013, when Bena was in class 8, he took part in a play based on the 2007 elections. The play was meant to urge his fellow Kenyans not to engage in violence following the outcomes of the elections.

Before rising to fame, Bena was a matatu conductor, a menial job that he did so that he could raise money to pay his school fees.

“I was a matatu conductor to help raise my school fees,” he said.

His content differs from one scope to another. Fans particularly love the videos where he addresses his ex-girlfriend named Carol, pleading for them to get back together. He also has a few bones to pick with his friends and family, especially his beloved mother who he refers to as ‘Mukulu’.

Bena seeks to enjoy life to its fullest and also put smiles on people’s faces.

His content began to pay off when he received an interview call-up to Citizen TV, disclosing that he had received calls from numerous prospective clients. His role models are the late Sir Charlie Chaplin and the late Churchill Show comedian, AKA Ayeiya.

Future Plans

The comedian has also opened up about his interest in hosting radio shows once he has completed his undergraduate degree. Bena claims that his radio career would help him empower and address mental health issues.

He explained that with his academic knowledge of media and radio influence, he would reach a bigger audience and help shape society struggling with mental issues, He added that he would capitalize on his fanbase, reiterating that his radio career would help him offer a platform to other youths with different talents.

“Mental health starts with accepting yourself and the situations the way they are. In case you are worried, just remember tomorrow is not guaranteed,” he said.

“Youths should stop worrying about driving top-of-the-range vehicles. I always advise them to focus on what is within their reach,” he added.

Before becoming a Kenyan internet star, Bena revealed how hard it was for him to keep up with content creation.

“Before I became an internet sensation, I struggled with content creation. For years, no one was watching my videos. But when Tiktok was introduced, people started liking my videos.”

Having been in the content creation scene for so long, Bena lost 4 of his phones in Kiambu while shooting for content. This did not deter him a s he was focused to achieve his dreams.

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