The top 10 best travel and tour firms in Kenya – 2022 list

Best travel and tour firms in kenya

In this article, you will find a list of the best travel and tour firms in Kenya.

When traveling to a new destination, having a travel agent or a travel agency is very vital. Kenya boasts many tourist attractions and it is one of the top-notch tourist destinations in Africa if not the whole world.

The country has therefore registered many travel agencies and currently boasts more than 400 travel and tour agencies.

 With the help of tour operators and travel agencies in Kenya, you can tour even the most remote tourist destinations that would otherwise be hard were you to journey on your own.

Furthermore, these travel agencies come in handy, especially for people who are new to a place, such as international tourists traveling to Kenya.

Their knowledge of local destinations relieves you of any worries and makes your vacation hassle-free. Below are the top 10 best travel and tour firms in Kenya.

Best Travel and Tour Firms in Kenya

1. Pollman’s Tours and Safari Limited 

This is one of the main and most established visit organizations in Kenya. It was established in the mid-1950s by Karl Pollman and from that point forward has developed to end up one of the main business pioneers in the business.

It has in excess of 200 vehicles intended to address the issues of various safari bundles. Pollman’s Tours and Safaris has been named Kenya’s driving inbound visit administrator for a long time in succession.

Pollman’s Tours and Safaris has won several awards Kenya’s Leading  Inbound Tour Operator from 2016 to 2019, Africa’s Leading Tour Operator from 2018 to 2020, and Kenya’s Leading Tour Operator in 2020.

2. Bonfire Adventures

Bonfire Adventures is the present World Travel Awards champion. Bonfire Adventures was named the best Travel Agency in Kenya in 2018.

The company has been one of the best travel organizations in Kenya in the course of recent years and is known to have reasonable rates, particularly during unique events.

Bonfire Adventures has over 5 years of experience in handling inbound and outbound holidays for both domestic and international tourists from all over the world.

The company’s main specialty is the ability to design unique tours and safaris to fit every type of tourist.

The design ranges from budget to luxury providing a unique opportunity to combine bush and beach adventures with East Africa’s spectacular scenery and not forgetting the rest of the world’s hidden treasures.

If you’re looking for a travel and tour company that will give you a vacation that provides a huge sense of personal recreation while still being fun, exciting, relaxing, adventurous, and rewarding, Bonfire Adventures is your to-go place.  The company offers other services like:

  • .     Inbound Tours, Ground Handling & Destination Management
  • ·     Corporate and Leisure Travel & airline ticketing agent.
  • ·     Outbound Tours & Leisure Travel
  • ·     Executive Car Hire & Transfer Services
  • ·     Online booking for an African safari package
  • ·     East Africa flights, hotels, rental cars & holidays
  • ·     Kenya, Tanzania Honeymoon & Romantic Vacation Packages
  • ·     Discount hotel booking & Reservation
  • ·     Business and corporate travel.
  • ·     Team building/retreat.
  • ·     Budget Travel, Beach tourism & Sports tourism
  • ·     Mountain climbing
  • ·     City tours and excursion
  • ·     Worldwide travel insurance
  • ·     Visa application services
  • ·     MICE (meetings, incentives, conference and event

3. Karibu Kenya Adventures

Karibu Kenya Safaris Tours and Travels offers a variety of Domestics & International tour packages for its customers. This company offers its clients luxury and services beyond any comfort level.  Karibu Kenya Tours uses personalized services as one of its best specialties. The firm believes in quality service and guarantees good value for your money.  Guided by the company’s motto which is the complete satisfaction of its customers, Karibu Kenya Adventures has the help of the most competent pool of human resources.

In order to provide complete customer satisfaction, the company offers a comprehensive range of travel and tourism-related packages in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Costa Rica, Zimbabwe, and other countries across Africa.

4. Satguru Travel

Satguru Travel started its operations in 1989.  the company was first established in Kigali before it expanded its operations to Kenya and other countries across Africa and internationally. Satguru Travel is another extraordinary travel office that works in Kenya just as in other eastern African nations, including Rwanda and Tanzania.

In 2017 and 2018, Satguru Travel was named Rwanda’s Leading Travel Agency, Tanzania’s Leading Travel Agency, and Nigeria’s Leading Travel Agency during the yearly World Travel Awards. In 2018 it was named Dubai’s Leading Business Travel Agency and Africa’s Leading Business Travel Agency. Around the same time, it was among the best 5 best travel organizations in Kenya.

The company offers other services like:

  • Corporate Travel Services
  • Online Travel Booking
  • Travel Program Management
  • Data Management
  • Cost Optimization

5. Axis Africa Safaris

Axis Africa Safaris is a Tours and Travel Company based in East Africa. The company was established in 2006.  Led by a team of youthful & experienced professionals, Axis Africa assures you of unique and unforgettable holiday adventures all over Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda.

Travelers using Axis Africa Safaris get to experience the best ‘Big Five’ game viewing, amazing natural beauty in the wild & discover why African adventures are strikingly different. 

A stroll on white sand beaches, thrilling mountain trekking, bush cycling & much more will leave you wanting more. The company has safari packages personalized for everyone.

6. Spirit of Kenya

Spirit of Kenya was a project dreamt by the minds and hearts of an African and a European. The company was started to give everyone an experience of the most incredible places in the world. Spirit of Kenya offers services based on both luxury and budget ensuring that the price is fair for both local and international tourists. The company’s motto is: Every safari is a different one. Be fair, be flexible, be good every single time.

Spirit of Kenya ensures that every client gets to have a good time by having well-trained and cheerful tour guides, and top-notch chefs to prepare amazing delicacies. quality customer services, and top equipment like binoculars.  Spirit of Kenya operates in other countries across Africa like Ethiopia, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Namibia, and Rwanda.

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7. Carlson Wagonlit Travel Kenya

Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) Kenya is owned and managed by Bunson Travel.  CWT Kenya is an integral part of CWT Global Partners Network since 1999. Carlson Wagonlit Travel Kenya is a double-cross World Travel Awards Winner (2016 and 2017) as Africa’s Leading Business Travel Agency.

The company is also a seven-time champ as Kenya’s Leading Travel Management Company (2010 – 2015 and 2018), and a three-time victor as Kenya’s Leading Travel Agency (2013-2015). Carlson Wagonlit Travel has established itself as one of the leading travel agencies in Kenya

8. Sino Africa Safari

Sino Africa Safari was established in 2006. The company is the Vice-Chairman Unit of Kenya Chinese Tourism Association and the only travel service provider of CCTV and Ctrip in East Africa.

Sino Africa Safari is a full-service ground handler and inbound tour operator. It offers outstanding expertise and comprehensive advice for travel to East Africa. The agency’s local offices are located in Kenya and Tanzania. Sino Africa Safari specializes in various tour services like:

  • Private tailor-made tour
  • Group travel
  • Official visit
  • Business trips
  • Study tours
  • Professional photography tours
  • Honeymoon and family photoshoot tour, etc.

9. Bison Safaris

Bison Safaris was established in 2009 with its main offices located in Nairobi, Kenya. The company has various and quality resources at its disposal to make your experience one of a kind through a wide range of destinations in Kenya and Africa at large.

Bison Safaris offers s[ecialized tours for local and international tourists. Clients get to enjoy other services like:

  • Comfortable accommodation
  • City-Breaks
  • Group tours
  • Domestic and regional flights
  • Excursions
  • Transfer for individual travelers, e.t.c.`

10. Arch Treks and Safaris

Arch Treks and Safaris was founded in 2004. The agency designs different safaris to meet the needs of every client in consideration of budget, occasion, and interests. Arch Treks and Safaris is made up of locals who are conversant with different destinations to make it easier for them to guide the tourists well.

The dynamic team at Arch Treks and Safaris ensures that each client receives personal attention which results in effective personal achievement, enjoyment, and success. The company is client-oriented and believes the most rewarding safaris are often the result of the incredible people you meet along the way and indeed the animals and sights you see. The company offers other services like

  • Mountaineering Adventures
  • Cultural Treks & Escorted Walking Safaris,
  • Hotel & Lodge Bookings
  • Car Hire Services in Kenya and the rest of East African countries.

Kenya and Africa, in general, is a beautiful place not only to live in but also to tour. There are several best travel and tour firms in Kenya ready to offer you the best experience in traveling across Africa and generally.

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