Do you want a bash? – Riggy G surprises university graduates with Sh. 500k party

DP Riggy G
Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua aka Riggy G surprised medical graduates in Nyeri after he offered them Ksh500,000 for their graduation party. 

Gachagua, who was the chief guest at the Outspan Medical College graduation ceremony on Saturday, November 19, gifted the graduates after reading his speech.

The offer, he explained, was his way to honour and celebrate the 415 students who were getting into the job market. First, the DP asked the graduates if they were travelling home for a party or wanted one organised for them.

The enthusiastic students responded by chorusing that they wanted to remain at school to celebrate their milestones. 

Gachagua, much to their delight, honoured their wish and announced that he would leave the money with the school’s administration. 

“Are you going home or do you want me to throw a party for you? Do you want a bash?

“I will leave Ksh500,000 for these students so that they can have their party,” he stated. 

During the event, he also noted the importance of education revealing that he had enrolled on a Master’s degree course.

The DP added that he was aiming to attain a doctorate degree and become a professor.

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“I was at the University of Nairobi from 1985 to 1988. Those who said I did not go to school now know.

“I started my master’s in international relations with a bias to conflict management but when things got tough I decided to focus on clinching the seat,” he stated.

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