Gachagua to reward ‘Riggy G’ creator, Ivy Chelimo from his Sh. 1.2 million salary

Gachagua to reward 'Riggy G' creator, Ivy Chelimo from his Sh. 1.2 million salary
Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has asked his sons, Keith and Kevin to find the girl who gave him the widely popularised Twitter moniker ‘Riggy G’

In an interview with Citizen TV’s Waihiga Mwaura, Gachagua said that he gave his sons instructions to invite the girl over to the DP’s residence in Karen for a special dinner with the family.

Gachagua said that he liked the nickname and even used it to refer to himself at the luncheon held at state house after his inauguration.

Riggy G further added that Ivy Chelimo was part of the grand plan for the government to support young talented people across the country to maximize their talents for maximum profits.

Gachagua promises that this was just the beginning of how President Ruto’ government would nurture and support social media content creators in Kenya.

“The young lady who decided that my name Rigathi Gachagua is too long and it is not melodious. And I think this guy (Gachagua) looks like a nice guy and we need to give him a good name that sounds melodious,” he told Waihiga Mwaura.

“I want to encourage that young girl, I will see what I can do for her so that I can see, from my salary, if I can boost her a little bit to be able to do something,” he explained.

Reminiscing on his days as a youth, Gachagua noted that it was difficult for young people to get mentors, however, the William Ruto led administration, would help the youth chart their own paths to success.

“Our young people are phenomenal, talented and creative, nobody has ever given them a chance.

“The William Ruto-led administration is saying that this is the day that we can allow our talented young people to convert that talent into a source of income,” he added.

Ivy Chelimo: Stunning law graduate who came up with the DPs nickname

Chelimo was recognized as the brains behind the nickname Riggy G because she was the first person to use the moniker on Twitter.

Since, the name has been likened to that of a young and upcoming rapper, further embodying the UDA administration’s grassroots leadership style touted under the ‘Hustler’ umbrella.

In a past interview, Chelimo noted that she came up with the name by chance, in July 2022, while following the Running Mates interview that was televised countrywide.

“You know how you can’t actually mention a politician just because sometimes you don’t want that traction on your page?”

“That was me then but  I was like let me just mention him because he was winning the debate anyway,” she explained.

Gachagua has also promised to look for another man he has seen on the internet mimicking him and reward him too.

I also saw another young man who is mimicking me, I am also going to look for him, that is the way forward. We must support our young people,” Gachagua pledged.

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