Lecturer threats to sack education CS Machogu forces him to change tune on universities funding

CS Machogu changes tune on universities funding
Education CS Machogu on Monday, November 7, made a U-turn on his earlier declaration that the state would cease funding public universities.

Machogu declared in a statement released by the Ministry of Education that universities would gain access to financing so long as they met the requirements laid forth by the government.

The CS made these remarks at the ministry’s offices in Jogoo House B, Nairobi, during a meeting with the heads of Universities State and Government Agencies (SAGAs).

“Ezekiel Machogu advised Universities to the right size on administrative and staff structure in order to secure funds for University development,” the statement read in part.

CS Machogu reaffirmed his earlier rallying cry for universities to self-finance by tapping on the global funding allotted to institutes of higher learning for Research and Innovations.

In order to improve the docket, Machogu urged the relevant parties in the education system to explore more effective reform mechanisms in the University Sector.

“The CS thanked the University stakeholders for the efforts towards ensuring learners get quality education and has promised frequent engagements in order to meet the performance targets in the sector,” the Ministry wrote.

The Higher Education Loans Board and the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement and Service (KUCCPS) were among the organizations that sent representatives to the meeting.

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There was also the Commission for University Education; the National Research Foundation; the Universities Funds Board; the National Research Foundation; and the Kenya National Innovation Agency (CUE).

Machogu was criticized after he said on November 5 that funding has put a strain on the National budget and that institutions should rely less on the state.

The move was challenged by a number of political figures, including some of President William Ruto’s allies who argued that universities had a right to state support as public institutions.

Public universities have been struggling financially since 2021, with some closing down satellite campuses and raising tuition to stay afloat.

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