What is Bizna Young Entrepreneur Awards?

This is an initiative to recognize, celebrate and support young Kenyan entrepreneurs in their business ventures.

What is the nomination deadline?

All nominations must be submitted and received not later than 11th October 2019

Who can be nominated?

A nominee must be:

  •  Any young person below 35 years as at 29th November 2019 who owns a successful business.
  • An owner, director or equivalent who’s primarily responsible for the recent performance of the company. He/she should own a minimum of 70% of the business.
  • The company must be at least one year old with sound business operations and activities.

Who can submit a nomination?

A young entrepreneur can nominate themselves or they can be nominated by others.

How can I submit an entry to the nominations?

Entries are submitted through a nomination form. The form captures relevant information required for shortlisting nominees. Nomination forms are available on https://yea.co.ke, https://biznakenya.com and at various partner outlets.

Is there a fee to nominations?

YEA nomination is 1,000 shillings. Nominees will validate their nomination by paying the nomination fee.

What if I don’t have time to complete all the required information?

You can delegate someone in your organization to help with that. However, he/she must be truthful, and knowledgeable to fill in the correct information.

Is the nomination form financial details confidential?

All information provided will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Nomination forms will be reviewed by the Bizna Young Entrepreneur Awards organizers and shared with the independent judges. No detailed information will be shared elsewhere.

What if our company has multiple founders?

It’s prudent to identify one person who will be the main contact. Multiple nominee’s applications are acceptable but must include information for each individual nominee. Applicants must meet the nomination criteria.

Applicants must be majority shareholders in any business that they co-own.

What are the award categories for Young Entrepreneurs?

There are 25 categories:

1) E-commerce
2) Blogger
3) Facebook Influencer
4) Twitter Influencer
5) Instagram Influencer
6) LinkedIn Influencer
7) Innovation
8) Software developer
9) Media personality
10) Musician
11) Music Audio producer
12) Music Video producer
13) Comedian
14) DJ/VDJ
15) Agripreneur
16) Tourism & Hospitality

17) Events Personality
18) Beauty, health and fitness
19) College/University
20) Fashion
21) Sports personality
22) Professional Services Provider (Legal, medical, accounting, architectural)
23) Manufacturing
24) Real Estate
25) Transport and Logistics
26) Social Enterprise

How many award categories may I select?

You can only make one (1) category selection per nomination application. If you qualify for different categories or own business in different categories, you are free to make multiple nomination applications. You may be nominated for one or more categories if you qualify.

Who shortlists the nominees for YEA Awards?

A panel of judges who are accomplished entrepreneurs or enterprise development experts are engaged to shortlist the nominees.

What criteria do the judges consider?

The judging panels consider a great many business and personal accomplishments.
For example:

  • Nominee profile: Each nominee will be required to share his profile outlining his skills, competencies achievements and suitability for the category they are applying for nomination. Applicants are at liberty to share any pertinent information.
  • Business registration and formalization: This aspect will focus on the business registration, processes and formalization. This includes standards, certifications and business affiliations.
  • Endorsements: Applicants will be required to mobilize their suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to endorse them and their businesses.

Why would I want to participate in the YEA Awards?

Participating in the Bizna YEA Awards 2019 comes with very good benefits to you and your business.

  • Prize money. The top three winners will win 1,00,000, 500,000 and 250,000 cash prizes.
  • Digital and social media marketing opportunities via Bizna Kenya and partners.
  • Recognition and award the best of the best.
  • Access to business resources and opportunities.
  • Opportunities to learn and apply best practices.
  • Connect, Network and grow your business through Bizna Club and other ecosystem enablers.
  • Business training, advisory, consultancy, coaching and mentorship.
  • Opportunities to highlight challenges you face and propose solutions.