‘Pesa ni nyingi’ – State plans to pay youth Sh. 2500 weekly to plant trees

Govt to employ youth to plant trees
The new government headed by Ruto seeks to plant as many trees as possible, in his first term in the presidential office.

Nairobi County governor, Johnson Sakaja has disclosed plans by the Kenya Kwanza administration to recruit youths for tree-planting exercises across the country.

This follows after President Ruto announced the abolishment of the Kazi Mtaani program which is to be replaced by the new Kazi ya Mazingira program.

Sakaja said that those who would enroll in the program would earn wages as high as Sh. 2,500 weekly. The youths will be engaged for only four days a week and each day, the wage stands at Sh. 625.

“We are soon launching a program of tree planting that our young people will be engaged in. They will be getting KSh 2500 a week for four days and help us plant and maintain the trees,” Sakaja said.

Ruto’s government has set a robust plan to ensure the country attains a 30% forest cover in the next 10 years.

“I, therefore, urge all Kenyans to support the government’s call to grow at least 15 billion trees in the next 10 years. To achieve this target, every Kenyan should grow 300 trees,” Ruto said.

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The head of state promised to engage the Ministry of Environment to devise a rewarding program for every Kenyan who will attain the target.

According to the head of state, anyone who meets the target will get a certificate of recognition from the government.

“I will tell the Ministry of Environment to issue a small certificate to every Kenyan who completes his round of planting 300 trees,” he revealed.

Other jobs

The president earlier revealed plans to do away with the Kazi Mtaani program launched by his predecessor, Mr. Kenyatta, on claims that it was outdated.

President Ruto announced that the youth would take up several jobs in the first phase of the affordable housing program he launched late in October 2022.

“These construction projects will employ 2,500 people. It’s is much better than the Kazi Mtaani that employed 500 people….kazi ya kuokota taka taka Ni ya governor wa Nairobi,” said the president on Tuesday October 25.

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