How to cope with childhood trauma

How to cope with childhood trauma
What is childhood trauma?

Childhood trauma is an experience that an individual undergoes when they are young or at a tender age that affects them in later stages of life.

The question is how does it affect us? It tends to influence how we behave at an older age, it affects our self-esteem and how we relate with others.

We have a wide range of causes of childhood trauma. Bullying in school, sexual abuse, being demeaned or emotional abuse, parental issues, family issues and violence are some of the causes that are common amongst us.

Signs of childhood trauma.

Some of the signs and symptoms that can be observed in people include;

1. Reliving past events

2. Depression

3. Trust issues

4. Indulging in life-risking behaviors

5. Anxiety

6. Self-esteem issues

7. Personality issues

8. Adapting people-pleasing behaviors

9. Fear of a certain person or gender or inability to interact with them.

Exploring mental health issues

How to cope with childhood trauma

1. Therapy goes a long way in assisting persons with childhood trauma. It helps with building self-esteem, forgiving the perpetrators, and forgiving yourself.

2. Surround yourself around people with positive energy, mindsets and attitude toward life

3. Be patient with yourself. Do not punish yourself because of what you underwent.

4. Unlearn what you were told while younger, instead fill your mind with self-reassurance, and write down good things about yourself and what you like most about yourself. This can be done through journaling.

5. Do not let the pain and anger control you in your day-to-day activities and interactions with people

Remember to smile often and know that people out here care and are ready to listen to you and your experiences.

Feel free to reach out for more information on childhood trauma or any other mental health issue via my email: counselormichell

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