Ivy Chelimo: Stunning law graduate who came up with the DPs nickname, Riggy G

Ivy Chelimo, law student who came up with Riggy G
Ivy Chelimo is a lifestyle influencer and law graduate from Catholic University.

She first referred to DP Rigathi Gachagua as Riggy G on Twitter, and the nickname caught on. She says she had forgotten all about it until recently when she received recognition online.

Ivy, a Catholic University alumni, said she did not know she was the first to refer to the politician as Riggy G. According to Ivy, she came up with the acronym during the deputy president debate and forgot about it

“It happened in the spur of the moment. I had not thought much about the nickname but started seeing people mention it, so I thought someone else had coined it before me.”

Things changed when Ivy emerged as the brainchild behind the acronym that has since stuck. According to the lifestyle content creator, she was bombarded with messages from friends.

“I was so shaken when my friends texted while at work saying I was trending on Twitter. Nine out of ten times, it is usually not because of something good. I had an influx of messages. It was overwhelming.” She said.

However, the publicity also brought good tidings for Ivy, who plans on starting the advocates’ training program in January.

“I got lots of traction on Twitter. I was also approached by different brands looking to work for me,” she said, disclosing that one deal is already in the bag.

The content creator sent a message to the deputy president, urging him to keep his word.

“I hope you live up to your name and be a G by fulfilling the promises made. The entire country is looking up to you to make Kenya a great country.” Ivy urged Gachagua to address the high unemployment rates among young people.

Born and bred in Eldoret, Ivy moved to Nairobi for school. The COVID-19 pandemic came with a silver lining for her as she got the inspiration to start creating content.

“I love restaurants and traveling but had to remain indoors during the lockdown so I started documenting my daily activities. I developed a liking for taking pictures and the rest is history.”

Ivy recently completed her undergraduate degree and said juggling school and creating content was difficult.

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“It was quite a hustle but my passion is my drive. I enjoy both law and creating lifestyle content but if I get an opportunity in the latter I would be willing to fully venture into it.”


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