Kevin Nyambati: Moi University student with furniture business, making Sh. 100k monthly profits

Kevin Nyambati

Kevin Nyambati story: Juggling between books and business is no walk in the park. Students are always chasing good grades and having a bit of fun in their free time.

But we have a breed of students who have learned the art of making money while still in college. 

Kevin Nyambati is among the peculiar lot that are avid entrepreneurs in their campus days. He is the proprietor of Rosewood Furniture.

Kevin Nyambati

Kevin Nyambati is in his fourth-year of studies at the Moi University Main Campus. He is pursuing a degree in education (Geography/Business).

Aside from the normal grind of being a student, Nyambati is an entrepreneur at heart.

He is popular amongst his campus mates who like to identify him as the CEO and owner of Rosewood Furniture.

Nyambati launched his business in November 2020, when the world was hit by the Corona pandemic severely.

Rosewood Furniture is located a few kilometers from the main gate. They stock a wide range of products such as bookshelves, beds, armchairs, shoe racks, sofa sets and bookcases.

Kevin has hired 5 employees to meet customer expectations. According to the astute businessman, he had to fill a gap since they were no furniture businesses around the institution.

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“There was a high demand for furniture products by students and most of these products were basic like beds,” he said.

“Although it was capital-intensive to start, I believed that the business will boom one day. I came up with a business plan and invested my time and resources in it,” he added

On a good month, Nyambati revealed that he makes Sh. 100,000 profit from his furniture business, expenses deducted.

“The business is seasonal because the demand for furniture is high at the stat of the semester since this is the time students want to settle and focus on their studies,” he says.

In the future, Nyambati would like to establish a similar business in Kisii. As an entrepreneur, Nyambati’s goal is to ensure people get satisfied with the products he delivers to them at a quality price.

His advice to youth considering venturing into any business is that they should take their chances, proudly!

“If you want something, go for it. Belive in yourself and have hope that it will boom after sometime. Be persistent and consistent,” he advises.

“Don’t give up easily just because the business didn’t work as you intended but realize the mistake and work on it to ensure it doesn’t repeat itself.”

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