Get to know little boy in viral crying & laughing meme video

Get to know little boy in viral crying & laughing meme video

For the past few days, an undated video of a little boy has been making rounds on social media. 

In the video in question, the young boy, now identified as Albert Ofosu Nketia, could be seen crying before busting into laughter midway.

The Boy is 7 years and reportedly battling a speech impediment. Many people have been using the young boy’s video to make TikTok videos or Instagram reels.

The family claims the video was leaked and they wanted to go to the police.

What to know about the little boy

His name is Albert Ofosu Nketia. He is Ghanaian. He is 7 years old.

He has speech-impaired difficulties. He was hospitalized for 7 months when his family noticed his challenge. He has two other siblings.

He cried and then laughed because of his mother, who explained to local media that the little boy was crying because he wanted to eat yams, but she didn’t have that. 

She instead cooked for him plantains and offered a delicious meal to him.

“It was a Saturday and he said he wanted to eat yam. I was washing at the time and I didn’t have any at home so I didn’t know if I should stop and go to the market.

But I had unripe plantain so I cooked it for him” she shared the details about the moment.

She said the reason for the crying was because he thought the stew would not taste as good as the plantain.

“When he saw the stew and remembered how well it would go down with the boiled yam rather than the plantain, he started crying,” she shared.

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The boy ate the meal then his grandmother asked him why he was making a fuss initially. The boy cried some more, and to appease him she sang for him. He broke out in laughter.

The video was taken by his uncle, who intended to send it to Alberts’s father but never did so.

The uncle sold his phone without deleting the contents of the phone. Whoever bought it saw it and shared it online, much to the annoyance of the family.

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