Masaka Kids Africana ranked best YouTube channel in East Africa, earn Sh. 169 million

Masaka Kids Africana
Sensational dance group Masaka Kids Africana, not only have a huge following online but are also among those minting loads of cash off their digital footprint.

According to a CashNetUSA All-Time Top-earning YouTube Channel in Africa survey, Masaka Kids Africana’s total lifetime earning is $1,341,980 (Sh. 167350043.65), the highest in East Africa across all categories.

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They are followed in the region by Kenya’s RUS Love in Action(Explicit!) with $656, 289 in the entertainment category, Tanzania’s Li Dancer Chris with $644,355 in the Kids category and Rwanda’s Kigali Today with $306,438 in the gaming category.

In 2020, it was reported the kids had the highest-earning YouTube channel in Uganda with $103,600 per month, according to Visual Capitalist.

Masaka Kid’s Africana is composed of multi-talented children from Masaka. They joined YouTube in 2018 and have danced in numerous music videos, including Grammy nominee, Eddy Kenzo’s Tweyagale.

They currently boast 3.3 million subscribers with a combined over 770 million views from 181 videos.

The said amount left their fans wondering where the money goes given the children’s lifestyle has not changed from when they began It is almost impossible to tell that they are actually millionaires.

CashNetUSA explained its methodology: They used data from to isolate the YouTube channel in every country with the most all-time views and estimate the lifetime earnings for each content creator by applying the midpoint of YouTube’s current average payout per 1,000 views to their view count excluding musicians and channels owned by media agencies. 

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