How men can cope with mental health challenges affecting them

How men can cope with mental health challenges affecting them
Men’s Mental health: On 19th November we did celebrate our men for the accomplishments they have achieved. Even though it has not been easy for them, they emerged being strong winners.

Men do play an important role in our society. We need to also care for and support them.

Creating a safe space for our men is what they need and feel appreciated at all times.

There are many challenges our men face in our society.

A few examples are:

1. Some men live their lives stuck on autopilot

So often, men can find themselves living on autopilot. This means that you are going through the motions of living without really feeling alive, living with every intention on daily basis.

2. Men are scared by their own vulnerability.

In the society we are in men are needed to show courage, braveness, and demonstrate physical prowess not allowing them to be vulnerable and unable to express themselves, especially in their low moments.

Society requires them to be tough, which is affecting most of them

3. Men face unrealistic expectations.

Our society puts pressure on men that they need to be large and muscular this leads to eating disorders and this mostly is overlooked since men do want to keep up with modern life.

4. Men are scared to express their emotions and open up

In our society sharing any kind of emotions is considered to be girly, and being girly is not something men want to be.

This really affects them since they are expected to be tough. Men suffer from emotional problems since most of the time they are masking their feelings to show there are okay at all times

5. Men are on their own.

Men feel alone mostly if they don’t have a good support system to appreciate the efforts they have kept to achieve things.

There is a lot of stigma for male survivors of abuse and rape, and very few people believe it’s possible to abuse of man.

Women are told their entire life to be wary of abusers or rapists, and get lessons on how to recognize the signs of abuse, but not once would men be given the information or go for talks about it.

This has really affected our male survivors.

If a man hits a woman, that’s a problem but if a woman hits a man, society says the man deserves it; this is totally unfair

Men are important in society. They do have feelings and would like to express them

It’s so sad that some men are physically abused no one is there to defend them.

Our men out here are being depressed no one cares for them no man empowerment at all and it’s causing a lot of harm to our men.

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How to Cope with men’s challenges in society.

1 Men need to be created for a safe space for them to express themselves, a place where they can be vulnerable and allow them to be themselves instead of all the time masking their feelings.

I do say it’s okay not to be okay but not too much.

2. Men should always have a good support system that always encourages and motivates them so as they can navigate through the cruel and harsh society we are in.

3. It’s very okay for a man to seek professional help from a counselor or therapist if overwhelmed with life difficulties. Men should know that they’re not alone in this journey of life and there is no need to feel ashamed for asking for help.

Men should feel safe at all times and appreciated

You are important !!!

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Ngina Maina

Ngina Maina

Am a counselling psychologist by profession and I advocate for mental health and mental wellness .My colleague and I have a YouTube channel Mental health happy hour KE we do talk about mental health awareness

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