Mungai Eve: I cannot get employed, mimi nitakufa; not my calling

Mungai Eve: I cannot get employed, mimi nitakufa
Content creator Mungai Eve has claimed that she would die if she ever gets employed.

Speaking in NTV’s Weekend Edition by Dr. Kingori, the 21-year-old claimed that she would never accept to be employed because she feels she was not born for that path.

According to her, employment would diminish her worth as a journalist and would deter her from achieving her goals.

“First of all, I know my worth. Secondly, I have so many goals zenye nafeel probably I would die before accomplishing any of them. Employment is not my calling!” she told Dr Kingori.

The sensational YouTuber, however, claimed that she dreamed of being employed while growing up.

“Growing up, I thought I would finish high school, niingie campo nimalize vizuri, nitafute job hapa NTV, nikuwe news anchor,” she stated

Mungai claimed that her dream never happened since she had to drop out of college when COVID-19 struck.

Her comments have left netizens with mixed reactions, others feeling she’s too proud while some are feeling that she’s made the right call at her age.

Here are some of the comments:

John Mbaka: Pride, we are watching you closely.

Sue Nyambura: Hey Eve, I love your positivity but remember no one was born to get employed or get broke. Kindly humble yourself because you don’t know about tomorrow.

Bettie Kiprono: Aiyaa, so those employed don’t know their worth and you can boldly say you’ll never go broke, be humble that’s pride.

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She also revealed that sometimes, she gets stingy with her money, something that has led her to make enemies with her friends.

“Probably my past friends are now my enemies because anakuomba dooh, anafeel hauwezi kosa. I tell them, nikona dooh but si ya kupeana,” she states.

“Help yourself before you help others,” she added.

In earlier interviews with other presenters, she has always been open that she had to drop out because her father could no longer afford to pay for her fees.

The content creation journey seemed to be working for her.

She enjoys a massive following on her social media platforms, with over 450 000 YouTube subscribers and 335 000 Instagram followers.

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