Prof Paul Wainaina reinstated months after suspension following feud with Uhuru

Prof Paul Wainaina reinstated months after suspension following feud with Uhuru
Suspended Kenyatta University vice-chancellor Paul Wainaina has been reinstated today.

According to sources within the government and at the university, Prof Paul Wainaina’s return comes after parties involved in a dispute that led to his exit signed a consent to withdraw court cases.

The VC was suspended on July 12 following a tiff between him and the university council on one hand and State House on the other over the sub-division of the university’s land for use by the Kenyatta University Teaching Referral and Research Hospital (KUTRRH) to set up a World Health Organisation logistics hub, the African Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the Kamae squatters.

Speaking while addressing journalists at the university, the professor thanked the current government for addressing the matter.

“I’m back and we will handle the issues that made me go away. God has used the new government to allow wrongs to be rectified using our fundamental principles. The 410 acres is still intact and the title is with us,” Wainaina said.

He had earlier been suspended for 30 days “pending investigations” into allegations of “acts of misconduct” but cases filed in court had delayed settlement of the matter.

The council was also dissolved and another one was appointed to facilitate the transfer of the land. However, court cases that followed and the general election scuttled the plan. 

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Prof Waceke Wanjohi has been the acting VC since Prof Wainaina was suspended. The new council is chaired by former University of Nairobi VC Crispus Kiamba.

Wainaina was later reinstated by the Employment and Labour relations court.

The VC headed to court and filed a petition seeking to bar the enforcement of Uhuru’s orders, arguing that the termination of the Vice Chancellor’s employment was a role of the University Council.

“The Head of Public Service continues to act in a manner that completely flouts the provisions of law on the rights of the applicant and continues to breach his right to fair labour practices,” he said.

“An injustice has been perpetuated upon the applicant herein and this honourable court should remedy the said injustice by the Head of Public Service by urgently staying the impugned suspension,” Wainaina’s lawyer Manwa Hosea told the court.

Hosea also sought a conservatory order suspending the appointment of Prof Waceke Wanjohi as the Acting Vice Chancellor as well as an advertisement for the position of Kenyatta University Vice-Chancellor.

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