Shannah Manjeru, 5 Kenyan teenagers to host National Geographic’s new African show, Team Sayari

Shannah Manjeru Team Sayari
Kenyan music award-winning teenage Sensation, Shannah Manjeru has been recruited to host new National Geographic TV show in conjunction with Walt Disney, dubbed Team Sayari.

Team Sayari is a show that aims to motivate and inspire children to engage with, care for and protect the natural world.

It is a result of a collaborative effort between National Geographic, The Walt Disney Company Africa, USAID, the U.S State Department and WildlifeDirect

Kids who will feature in NatGeo’s Team Sayari show

The show will be airing each Saturday on National Geographic Wild (DStv 182, Starsat 221, GoTV 51, Zuku 416 and Azam 184) at 2:00 pm EAT. It premieres on screens on Saturday, September 24, 2022.

Shannah Manjeru (14), the young AFRIMA gospel music award winner, will co-host the show with fellow Kenyan youth stars, Mysha Hodson (13), Marita Lucas (12), Railey Mwai (10) and Adarsh Nagda (12).

Joining them for the show will be international Sheilah Sheldone (13, Kenya), Toluwanimi Olaoye (12, Nigeria), Christian Mekhi (10, Rwanda), Atule Mazane, Khahliso Khojane, Thandolwethu Fani (13,14,15, South Africa) and Sabrina Kilumanga (10, Tanzania)

The show’s goal is to inspire meaningful, impactful behavioral change in young viewers across the continent and create the next generation of environmental conservation leaders.

Each episode will be beginning with a DNA computer giving the young hosts missions to complete.

On their travels, Team Sayari will meet National Geographic Explorers and trailblazers in the fields of conservation, science, nature, wildlife and the environment, learning valuable lessons regarding how to reduce their impact, and protect and restore nature in a fun way.

Viewers can expect thrilling travels, intriguing discoveries, fun DIY activities and enthralling adventures every week.

In the premiere episode, Team Sayari learns how single-use plastic is harmful to marine life after Funzi sends them on a journey to discover how waste materials reach our oceans, and what they can do to help curb pollution.

Viewers can also expect fascinating journeys through wild spaces such as mountains, forests and nature reserves, and encounters with wild animals from elephants to bees, from sharks to snakes, and everything in between.

On their travels, they meet unexpected heroes in these far-out locations that share fascinating insights about the planet we call home.

Kenyan based Musical talent, Shannah Manjeru’s latest gospel music video. She has won several awards against seasoned artists, which has placed her on the global map as a shining star

“At National Geographic, we believe that when people understand the world better, they care more deeply for it. National Geographic has been igniting the explorer in all of us for 133 years, and Team Sayari is a bright example of this mission and purpose,” says Christine Service, General Manager of Walt Disney Africa.

“We cannot wait for viewers across the continent to share in this engaging and entertaining local series, with the hope that it will help develop them into a passionate community of young explorers, inspired to learn about the world in which they live and strive to protect it,” she adds.

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U.S Ambassador to Kenya, Meg Whitman says, “The American people are proud to work with private and local partners in Kenya and across Africa to motivate and inspire the next generation of environmental champions. Team Sayari, and its digital and educational outreach activities, engage young people in their schools and communities with fresh perspectives and new ideas, which is key to supporting the vision of a greener future for all.”

Team Sayari will be produced by Kenyan Production company White Rhino Films with the aim to celebrate the environment and raise awareness of conservation and associated issues in a fun and relatable way.

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