Khaby Lame: Whooping millions that I’m pocketing from a single post

Khaby Lame: These are the millions I'm pocketing from a single post
Khabane Lame, popularly known as Khaby Lame, is the world’s most-followed Tiktok content creator. Could say the same about liked.

The 22-year-old Senegalese-born Italian social media personality is known for making videos that mock complicated people trying to overcomplicate simple things. He went viral in 2020 and he has now revealed the amount he is making from his single post.

In an exclusive interview with American business magazine, Fortune, Khaby revealed that in addition to the millions of likes he earns per video, he also racks up cash. In fact, he can make up to $750,000 per clip, which sees him on track to make a whopping $10 million dollars fortune in 2022.

Apart from Tiktok, he is also making millions from endorsing brands in paid video partnerships. On average, it’s estimated he makes around $400,000 (Sh. 50 million) for each TikTok video he creates for any given brand. 

Khaby earned $450,000 (Sh. 55 million) in his partnership with Hugo Boss, when he walked in their Milan Fashion Week show and for sharing it online on his socials.

The publication magazine revealed that they found Khaby in his flat in Milan, binge-watching American cartoons to help him learn English.

Fortune magazine also revealed that Lame renewed a contract with an internationally renowned Hollywood studio for $750,000 (Sh. 90 million) for a single clip.

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Together with his parents and three siblings, Khaby immigrated from Senegal to Europe, Italy in 2001 and they all officially became Italian citizens in August 2022. 

He says he is proud to have moved to the country and says he has a great responsibility for the oath he took to assume the country’s citizenship.

“I am very proud,” he said after the citizenship ceremony. “I felt Italian even before today because I’ve always lived here. I feel a great sense of responsibility for the oath I took. These are not just words,” Khaby says.

3 years ago, Khaby was jobless after being retrenched from a factory. Now he enjoys his newfound fame and over 2.4 billion likes on Tiktok.


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