Stress: The role of modern society in depreciating mental health worldwide

The role of modern society in causing stress
In our daily lives, stress has become a coercing issue and at some point everyone experiences stress.

Stress is caused by many factors and modern society has played a great role in causing stress.

Here are a few reasons:

1. Finances

Life today has become quite unbearable with basic commodities being on the high rise and money flow being inadequate. Each day people are struggling to make it through and survive.

This has caused a lot of stress in people to a point of resorting to suicide, robbery and other sorts of uncultured immoral behaviours. They are developed from persisting depression as most even try to fend for themselves.

2. Social Media

This is a competitive world we live in and everyone is struggling to make it in a day peacefully.

When one comes across posts, they may try to keep up and show that they are also doing what is being done or what they see being done.

A lot of stress may occur when one realizes that they are unable to cope with the lifestyles and standards. This can lead to drug usage, clout chasing as it is termed, anger and self-hatred.

3. Politics

Kenya in particular experienced a lot of stress and unwelcome tension during and after the elections; in that people were willing to go back to their rural homes for safety and peace. It really did cause a lot of anxiety.

4. Role captivity

Fathers are known to provide for their families and sometimes it may be strenuous for them. This causes stress and it leads to behaviours such as alcoholism, infidelity and suicide.

Domestic violence also at home is a cause of stress. Society expects a wife to undergo domestic violence and persevere otherwise she will be termed as rude and that she does not care for her family.

Staying in a job you don’t like because society dictates so or due to the fear of where you will get another job can also be a cause of stress.

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We need to break some barriers and realise that we can manage some of the issues we have at hand if we keep a positive mindset and agree that society should not always suggest how we live.

Otherwise, at the end of the day, we will survive on fear, anxiety and terminally, we will be facing problems relating to physical health such as blood pressure, and ulcers because we were unable to handle some stressful moments.

Let’s also find people to talk to when having troubles because a problem shared is a problem half solved and the other half solemnly lies in the decision you make.

Remember to put on a smile and know it is okay not to be okay and out here people do care.

Reach out for counselling services via my email @[email protected]. Follow mental health happy hour on youtube for some tips too.

Happy Utamaduni Day to each and every Kenyan and happy world Mental Health Day to us all.

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Michell Nganga

Michell Nganga

I am a counseling psychologist ready to help you. I have passion for mental health and mental health awareness. It is time to live a stress free, worry free life. Mental health is a priority. I care, We care, They care. Follow us on our youtube channel @mental health happy hour for amazing counseling content alongside my colleague Ngina Maina

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