Thee Pluto: List of properties and businesses owned by ‘Street Sanitiser’

Thee Pluto: List of properties and businesses owned by 'Street Sanitiser'

If you walk around and mention the name Robert Ndewa Kamau, it may not ring a bell to many. His alias, Thee Pluto is far more popular, better known as the Street Sanitiser.

At 23 years, Thee Pluto is a multi-millionaire with a vast portfolio of investments and property.

He is considered by many one of the most successful content creators in the country.

Thee Pluto revealed that he made his first million at the age of 20.

He gained fame by conducting loyalty relationship tests. In this article, we shall take a look at the Life of Thee Pluto, and the list of properties that he owns.

Early life

Thee Pluto grew up as a normal village boy raised by his grandmother in Naivasha. He is a third born in a family of seven.

He has managed to turn the narrative upside down, to become one of Kenya’s richest young men.

Growing up, Thee Pluto’s dream was to become a gospel musician. He started making music at the tender age of 8.

But with time, he realized that music was not his calling as vernacular music was only limited to reach a certain number of people. In 2021, however, he released his first single Dikuria Kiuria.

Sadly, after the death of his grandmother, his foundation in Christianity was shaken and he converted his faith to Islam.

Joining Campus

Thee Pluto completed his KCSE exams at Githiga Boys High School in Mai Mahiu and was placed to study Actuarial Science at JKUAT.

However, he decided to make a switch and pursue Economics, in an effort to make more money from different hustles.

Before starting on campus, Thee Pluto, a natural-born hustler was employed as a Mathematics and History teacher at Bishop Oishere Secondary School.

”When I finished my KCSE, I immediately started teaching at a secondary school. That is Mathematics and History…” he said in a past interview.

After joining JKUAT, the entrepreneurial spirit within him became more profound.

The actualization of his ideas came when his ‘baby mama’ got pregnant while they both were still students. He was not yet financially capable of even taking care of himself.

After ruminating on the many other ideas of making money while in college, he decided to drop out of college for a while to look for a job to cater to her needs and the child’s needs.

Thee Pluto landed a job as a brand ambassador for the Social media app Vskit.

He earned a monthly salary of Sh. 5,000 and after building a good portfolio, he was promoted to Sh. 15,000 monthly.

Thee Pluto saved up his salary and opened a shop in Kahawa Wendani, which was his first business establishment that launched his entrepreneurial career.

While at JKUAT as an economics student, he doubled as a hustler on the side, trading bitcoins, selling real estate and organizing events from regular parties to big political events.

His first car, Nissan Juke, was bought with the profits he made from selling bitcoin.

Thee Pluto’s Baby Mama

Going through life as a campus student comes with a lot of peaks and valleys especially when it comes to having protected sex.

As a fact, most students on campus are very much sexually active and engage in regular sex which often leads to pregnancy or STDs for the most part.

For Thee Pluto, he didn’t catch an STD but he got his then-girlfriend pregnant while in the second year of studies.

During this time, he was still a normal broke campus student who didn’t have much to his name. He was clueless on how the baby will get fed.

At 20, Thee Pluto had to accept the situation and start being a responsible young dad.

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Meeting Felcity Shiru

Starting out as just two YouTubers who happen to be in love with each other doing Couple Goals, Felicity Shiru and Thee Pluto was the new hottest couple in town.

The two met at a Subaru Boys event in Naivasha, dated for two months before breaking up for the first time later in 2021.

Within those two months, the couple had amassed a massive following on the internet with their popular episode being the 25 types of kisses.

They actually kissed twenty-five times on camera showing their audience how all these kisses are done.

Couple Goals Show was basically some timely episodes showing what couples do in a relationship from morning routines, to turning each other on and being consistently romantic to their partner.

According to Thee Pluto, the breakup came about as a result of too much pressure and the rush he had in the relationship.

They didn’t quite know each other that well and the two were really struggling to connect with each other outside the internet.

In early 2022, Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru made amends and got back together once again after realizing they were really good together as a couple and business partners.

Launching Loyalty Test Show

When they broke up, the Couple Goals Show also came to an end leaving Thee Pluto looking for other income-generating ideas.

The show basically involves the test of loyalty between two random couples by checking their text messages and assessing if they had potentially cheated on each other.

The loyalty test show is called ‘The Sanitize Show’, meaning clearing the bugs growing in a relationship between couples.

Getting the job done as a ‘Chief Sanitizer’ can be challenging because the process can lead to serious violence when one of the couples realizes that he/she has been cheated on for a long time.

This has led him to hire a couple of bouncers to accompany him to help calm down the anger whenever it erupts.

The age limit for the couple to qualify for the sanitization process is 18 and over plus the couple has to all be in agreement to undergo the process and sign a release form.

It’s really tough even to cool down the couples after realizing they have been cheated on so, Thee Pluto and his team go the extra mile by giving some counseling to the couple.

Some end up forgiving each other and reconciling while others end up in a bad breakup.

Thee Pluto YouTube salary

At first, Thee Pluto started his YouTube Channel as a hobby, just to see what he can do.

A few months into it, with his level of consistency in content creation, he received a six-figure check from YouTube. Then he became serious about it.

Thee Pluto is definitely making real money as a YouTuber which happens to be his hobby and a side hustle.

The channel clocks an average of 300,000 views per day with over 10 million views every month.

These views add up to make him close to a seven-figure monthly salary just from YouTube ads alone without the sponsorships.

As a young man, Thee Pluto is already financially rich cashing in between Ksh 900,000 to Ksh 1.2 Million on a good month from YouTube alone.

This money helps him maintain his lavish lifestyle and throw expensive parties all around Nairobi and in his private mansion in Thika.

Thee Pluto & Felicity bodyguard

If you thought you can easily get access to the couple at random outside social media, you need to think twice.

The two love birds have a young professional bodyguard who is there to always make sure the couple moves around smoothly.

Mr. Cornelius is a trained professional personal bodyguard. He makes sure Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru don’t get attacked physically in any way.

The bodyguard revealed that he is being paid well and is no longer jobless. He is committed to doing his job well to make sure the client is satisfied.

Child with Felicity Shiru

On November 4th, 2022, Thee Pluto and his lover Felicity Shiru became the newest parents in town.

The lovebirds announced they welcomed a bouncing baby girl, whom they named Zoey Pluto, at the Komarock Modern Healthcare.

Thee Pluto graduation

The digital content creator graduated from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) with a degree in Economics.

An excited Pluto said that he is happy to have finally acquired his degree after years of hard work and dedication.

“In happy moments praise God and in difficult moments seek God. I take this opportunity to thank the Almighty God for walking with me through this arduous journey. Secondly, I wanna thank you late grandma for your infinite love and wisdom.

“Thank you for being my hero, someone I could lean on, and my best friend. It’s a special gift to have gotten to know you. Please know you are a shining part of my life as you continue resting in peace,” Thee Pluto said in part.

Thee Pluto went on to reveal that he differed his degree course for some time due to financial constraints.

“To you, I owe this degree. As they say; ‘some hustle for respect, some hustle for love, others hustle for truth while others hustle to survive.’

“I deferred my campus education due to financial instabilities not knowing I would get back stronger and complete my degree,” he narrated.

List of properties and Businesses owned by Thee Pluto:

1. Home of Ideas

The content creator is the founder and chief executive officer (CE0) of Home of Ideas.

The company was established in 2019 to mentor the youth (young generation for the young generation) to impact lives.

“It is a company that I started at the beginning of 2019. Its aim is to establish business opportunities for Kenyans by funding viable business ideas that fall in the line of invention and innovation and also to offer mentorship to the young generation,” he told Switch TV.

2. Five-bedroom mansion

The youthful YouTuber has built a five-bedroomed palatial mansion where he lives with his girlfriend Felicity ‘Shiru’ Wanjiru, also a content creator.

The mansion’s value is estimated at KSh 10 million. It features modern security features including a ding doorbell.

The house has large windows, grill doors, ceramic tiles, spot and strip lights.

“The good thing I love about this house is the lighting. It has spotlights that change color when you turn them on, and it’s really cool,” Thee Pluto explained.

The mansion which oozes elegance also features a laundry space on the ground floor, a home office, a kitchen, a wine cabinet and white UV countertops.

3. Prado TX

Thee Pluto drives a white luxurious Toyota Prado TX.

When he displayed his mansion to all and sundry, the car could be seen parked in front of the house.

The vehicle cost not less than KSh 5 million in the market.

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