10 most marketable and well paying degree courses to study in Kenya (2022 list)

10 most marketable and well paying degree courses to study in Kenya (2022 list)
Well paying degree courses to study in Kenya (2022 list): Students in Kenya’s education systems frequently favor programs that promise quick employment and good wages.

A student’s interest is not given much consideration because they are compelled to submit to parental and academic pressure on the courses they should enroll in.

As a result, some of Kenya’s most marketable degree courses have reached market saturation, while enrollment in the least marketable courses is low.

These are the best courses in Kenya because one cannot stay long without getting a job or some other source of income. Often, such courses require students to have excellent grades to pursue them. They are courses like:

1. Law

You will succeed in your career if you study law today and accumulate a lot of practical exposure. You might have trouble at first, but as soon as you attract several clients and provide excellent service, you’ll start making millions. Additionally, you’ll be able to start your own law firm.

2. Medicine and Surgery

Although this degree involves a rigorous learning process, graduates will find it in great demand. 

Opportunities in the government health sector may be scarce at times, but the course is still in demand because, as long as you have the necessary skills and certification, you can choose to open your own facility, look for employment in private health institutions, or even cross international borders.

The benefit of medicine and surgery is that some people are taken in while they are still in school or even before they graduate.

3. Actuarial Science

Professionals in this field model risks for governmental agencies, insurance companies, and auditing firms. They are employed by a variety of businesses, including RBA, IRA, CIC insurance, Alexander Forbes, Old Mutual, Kenya RE, and Nairobi Securities Exchange.

Actuarial science is a course that is in demand, but for the greatest results, you need to add skills to your degree and obtain professional certificates from the IFOA and SOA. Because few Kenyans enroll in the program, opportunities for professionals are significant.

4. Quantitative Survey/architecture

Before you can graduate, the course normally takes up to 7 years. However, demand for architects and quantity surveyors is growing as urban and real estate development accelerates. Graduates can be sure that they will find work as soon as it is possible.

5. Piloting

Piloting is one of the most marketable courses to study in Kenya. The course takes up to three years. However, it will cost you over 5 million Kenyan shillings to complete. This demonstrates that only the well-off can afford this costly fee.

If you are lucky to study this course, work is ready for you plus you’ll earn decent pay.

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6. Software Engineering and Web Design

One platform that is expanding daily is social media, and Kenyans are interested in using it to make money. Additionally, a number of multinational corporations are hiring people online; independent web designers, for example, are in high demand.

Software engineering can be a good fit for you if you have strong mathematics skills and believe you can handle complex programming.

Furthermore, as long as a dynamic digital economy is concerned, you will be able to get employment.

Software engineers typically make between $200,001 and $500,001 per month, especially at large corporations like Safaricom, IBM, and Google, to name a few.

7. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a popular and marketable degree course to study in Kenya. Moreover, you can get the best out of it as an entrepreneur; you can opt for self-employment by launching your pharmacy or seek employment in Kenya’s companies like GSK, NACADA, private and public hospitals or clinics that are all over Kenyan towns.

8. Monitoring and Evaluation

This course is not familiar to many, although it’s a course that will make any pursuer successful. The course is unique, and professionals are fewer than job opportunities, which makes it marketable.

When called for interviews, very few people show up; applicants can’t even go beyond 30 in number.

9. Chartered Financial Analyst

You might not need any other degrees once you get a Chartered Financial Analyst degree. 

Employers are aware that this is a challenging course, but once you have completed the third level, they are certain that you are qualified to handle the available vacancies.

Undoubtedly, compared to other marketable degrees in the country, the unemployment rate for financial analysts is still the lowest at 10%.

Additionally, you must complete an undergraduate course such as statistics, Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Commerce, law, or actuarial science if you wish to enroll in a CFA program.

10. Statistics

This course will offer you a job once you graduate if you believe you are proficient in math and science; opportunities are everywhere. Once you possess your degree, you’ll either be employed or become a consultant.

Additionally, this course allows you to broaden your career options; for example, you could choose to become a data analyst, accountant, demographer, financial analyst, or actuarial specialist while still in college.

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