What is happening at CCI Kenya?

What is happening at CCI Kenya?

Call Centre International (CCI Kenya), an outsourcing and offshoring consulting firm, per their Linkedin page, has been at the back of endless backlash from Kenyans on Twitter.

This leaves the question, what has CCI Kenya done to be paraded negatively on Twitter?

According to several tweep accounts, many folk claims that the firm provides a toxic work environment for their agents.

So many of their previous and current employers have come out to express their present and past sufferings while on the job.

In this article, we shall take a look at the situation surrounding the situation at CCI Kenya.

CCI Kenya

Call Centre International Kenya is a subsidiary of the international group CCI Global. The enterprise provides customer management services in Kenya.

CCI Global headquarters are located in UAE, while the Kenyan corporate office is at Garden City, Nairobi.

CCI has grown rapidly in Kenya since entering the market in 2016.

The company positions itself to be the largest and most respected outsourcer in Africa by providing world-class solutions that derive value for clients and customers.

CCI Kenya wrote on their profile that they are aligned to meet the Kenya Vision 2030, to transform Kenya into a rapidly industrializing, middle-income country. They guarantee that they will be at the forefront of uplifting Kenyan citizens’ lives.

Martin Roe is the Chief Executive Officer at CCI Global based in Dubai. Rishi Jatania is the Managing Director at CCI Kenya.

Why the complaints?

Earlier this year, KoT had begun to stage an agenda against CCI Kenya. Since yesterday, the wave has spread like wildfire.

Many call for proper exposure of CCI Kenya while doing some proper PR damage to the firm using their twitter handles.

Some of the complaints by the tweeps, as shared by Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai, include:

  1. Working overtime, inclusive of the weekends, with no stipends.
  2. Working 10 hours a day
  3. No pay for working overtime such as holidays.

Here is a detailed report of accusations levelled against CCI Kenya:

1. Sexual Assault.

Employees allege that the only way to get a promotion is by sleeping with their boss/supervisor. 

2. Cruel working conditions.

Employees state that they must ask their supervisor for permission to go to the bathroom. The supervisor can deny this request.

An employee alleges that a lady that works as a Real-Time Analyst started her period and was denied permission to go to the washroom leading to her staining her outfit and having to go home due to embarrassment. 

3. Negligence.

Employees state that they are forced to leave work between 1 AM to 3 AM and despite the insecurity around Garden City at this time, the company does not provide transportation.

Employees allege that even after going through a traumatizing experience, such as being mugged or involved in an accident in the wee hours of the night when coming from work, they are expected to report to work the next day or lose their job.

4. Being denied leave days.

Despite the contract clearly stating that the employee is entitled to 21 leave days a year, the employees are denied leave on request without reasonable explanation.

Employees are forced to report to work with a physical sick sheet even if they are in critical condition.

5. Threats and Emotional Abuse.

Employees have the fear of airing out their grievances at the workplace because they are threatened that they will get fired. CCI does this by mentioning they can always recruit more people after firing the employees.

The employees go through emotional abuse, and being called names affect their mental health, leading to depression, alcoholism, drug and substance abuse.

It is impossible to deliver excellent customer service if their mental health is not in check.

6. Exploiting employees.

The employees allege that not only are their bonuses delayed, but they also get taxed and heavy deductions made on their small pay.

Reports by former employees reveal that the alleged scourge at CCI Kenya has been ongoing for years on end, with agent voices shrieked by threats of ‘firing’ amidst the high unemployment in Kenya.

An online petition is ongoing to help stop the alleged CCI Kenya breeding menace.

CCI Kenya has yet to make an official statement regarding these accusations against them.

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