Why suicidal cases among young adults have rampantly increased in society

Why suicidal cases among young adults have rampantly increased in society
In the modern society that we live in, people who are most prone to suicidal cases are young adults.

This is owed to the fact that they are in their discovery stage or perhaps put better, the confusion phase.

Here are some causes of suicide among young adults;

1. Academic pressure.

Most university students have a lot of pressure of having to do their school work and exams. Sometimes as is the norm in most households, the student has authoritative and stern parents.

When he/she fails their exams they are afraid to face their parents and rush to the conclusion that ‘it’s best for them to attempt or even commit suicide.’

2. Relationship loss.

Relationship issues are one the biggest problem we have in society. Many young adults are committing suicide due to having unfaithful partners or even escaping a toxic relationship that they are unable or feel uncomfortable talking about

3. Job loss.

Young adults have this tendency of having the pressure to have the best life and achieve their big dreams. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good source of motivation and helps one focus on what one wants to achieve in life.

However, imagine a scenario where you find a person working and at some point, abruptly and for no reason whatsoever, your employer decides to terminate your contract/conduct a retrenchment which sees you lose your primary source of income.

Most people naively perceive this as the end of the world and start having negative energy coupled with a negative mindset since they feel they can’t rise again.

The person might have suicidal ideations and in the end, commit suicide.

4. Finances.

In the present world, most of the things that we use in our day-to-day lives are monetary value items.

People tend to get stressed since they are unable to meet their end needs. One may get desperate for finances which are hard to come by in order to survive.

They eventually resort to committing suicide to avoid the need to struggle to look for money and fend for their needs.

Stress: The role of modern society in depreciating mental health worldwide

How to cope with suicidal ideation and attempts as a young adult.

1. Having a good support system.

When making friends we should choose wisely so that when we have these suicidal ideations, we may have someone to talk to.

Having inner circle friends who really care for us as a person is really important in the society we live in.

2. Seeking professional help.

If you are having difficulties at work, school, in relationships or even any life issue, it is good to seek professional help by talking to a counselor or a therapist to prevent suicidal attempts.

3. Surround yourself with positive energy

One should surround themselves with positive energy and mindset so as to avoid these suicidal ideas. One can achieve this by doing an activity that makes one happy and positive at all times even if it’s a difficult moment.

4. Build your levels of self-confidence

One should work on themselves by assessing their strength and weaknesses to know themselves better it is a process but we can achieve

5. Keeping yourself busy at all times

Acknowledging the famous adage, an idle mindset is a devil’s workshop, one should engage themselves with activities that will occupy them from having suicidal thoughts

Let us all learn to check on each other.

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Ngina Maina

Ngina Maina

Am a counselling psychologist by profession and I advocate for mental health and mental wellness .My colleague and I have a YouTube channel Mental health happy hour KE we do talk about mental health awareness

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