Why you should get an internship before graduation

Why you should get an internship before graduation
Finding a job can be challenging, especially if you do not have experience. Internships are a great way for you to get the experience you need before you finish your university degree. 

However, the struggle is real; competition in the job sector is rising exponentially. Securing entry-level jobs is getting harder, as young candidates lack experience and industry skills.

“The pressure is getting worser and worser!” Ignore the grammar. Yes, I know you know what I mean by this. Wondering why scoring a job after university is difficult? Then this article is for you

There are many benefits of interning during your campus days, for it not only provides exposure to both build and develop professional connections but also gives a realistic perspective on refining your career goals.

On the other hand, internships play a major role in giving a complete hands-on experience with an approach that nurtures the students to develop a greater understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses.

Here are some benefits of interning before your graduation:

1. Be competitive in the job market

One of the most important benefits of becoming an intern prior to graduation is that students who already have some work experience in the form of an internship stand out to potential employers.

There are researchers that say internship experience makes a graduate more employable as they require lesser training and are able to handle work responsibilities better.

The salary package may also look slightly better for those entering the workforce with internship experience under their belt. 

2. Gain valuable work experience

The hands-on work experience interns receive is invaluable and cannot be obtained in a classroom setting, making this one of the most important benefits of internships.

On an internship, you have the opportunity to apply acquired knowledge in a real work setting and witness first-hand day-to-day job duties that you can expect to encounter in your chosen career field. 

10 benefits of interning while in university

3. Explore a career path

Exploring is an important part of the University experience, and internships are a great way for you to acquaint yourself with the field you are interested in.

Some students begin University with a specific career path in mind and end up changing their minds later on.

Taking on an internship while you’re at campus allows you to work in your desired field, helping you to decide if the field is right for you. By graduation, students who interned are more likely to feel confident they chose the right degree. 

4. Develop and refine skills

Internships allow for feedback from supervisors in the field and offer a unique learning opportunity that you may not have as a working adult. You can learn a lot about your strengths and weaknesses during an internship.

Embrace the mistakes you make as an intern and the many things that you won’t know. Develop your soft skills such as teamwork, professional communication and time management skills, fully preparing yourself to enter the workforce upon graduation. 

5. Network with professionals in the field

Once you are in the working world, it’s all about who you know. As an intern, you will be surrounded by professionals in the industry. Internships are about more than just earning credit and getting a grade. Internships provide an opportunity to learn from the people around you. Remember, the professionals you encounter during an internship can be your future colleagues or the connection to your first job. 


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